Long Time No Post

August 28, 2015. It’s been way too long. Just been blah about this whole thing, mainly about the time constraint as well as the finances involved with trying to get knocked up. Lucy Liu just had a baby boy today via gestational surrogate and she’s 46. Why are her eggs still good and mine so rotten? Or are my eggs really the problem and not something else? Who knows? Hubby’s new insurance policy says infertility diagnosis and treatment are covered, but ART is not. Isn’t ART considered “treatment”?

Anyway, I just went through the most effortless and seamless and most efficient loan process I’d ever gone through in my entire lifetime. But it wasn’t for infertility treatment. It was for a car refi. But see, these guys also offer tons of other types of loans, and IVF loans are one of them. You’ve probably even seen their ads floating around in infertility blogs and websites. They are Lightstream, a division of Suntrust Bank. You can Google them like I did, to make sure for yourself that they are legit, or clicking on the ad below will take you straight to their website. For the car refi, we submitted the app online through their website and had an approval within the first half of the day, and the funds were deposited into our bank account by the end of the day. The application was so basic it only asked for the usual personal/income/employment info, plus liquid assets, retirement assets, and housing costs. That’s it. They didn’t request any bank statements, paystubs, nothing, and I attribute that to having a perfect credit history. Whatever the reason, it was the easiest loan process we ever went through and that’s why I’m now thinking they might be able to fund my last and final IVF effort. Or rather donor. I’m leaning more toward donor now since my IVF history has told me that my eggs aren’t the best, so IVF would just be more wasted time and wasted funds. Plus, supplements clearly haven’t been working – wheat grass, maca, DHEA, royal jelly, bee pollen, vitex… you name it, I’ve tried them all.

Hub and I will look into Lightstream and see if we can afford another load of debt… not looking forward to that debt but finally having a son or daughter would be worth every penny.