AUGUST 17, 2013 

So this acupuncturist is Dr. Daniel Lee, the one I had been wanting to go to since about five years ago.  He was my first choice back in the day, because of his impressive track record, but I didn’t have the big bucks to spend back then, and I still don’t, but the time clock is a-ticking away.  He has over seventy five-star reviews online, with only one being negative and less than five-stars.  He also has tons of pictures and thank you notes on the walls of his waiting room and even inside all the treatment rooms.  Infertility is his specialty.  Too bad miracles aren’t his specialty – I hope I won’t be needing one.

The cheery front desk lady, Carol, is a real treat as well.  She made sure I had directions to the office, took her time explaining things, and tried to accommodate my every need.  She asked me to come in fifteen minutes early so that I could do the necessary paperwork, and if any of you decide to ever go see Dr. Lee, you need to know your cholesterol LDL number, number of follicles for any IUIs/IVFs, your last FSH number, and your man’s sperm count.  Luckily, I had brought a few pages of the essentials with me, so I had all that info.  I was in the treatment/exam room only a few minutes past my appointment time when he came in, so I was glad I didn’t have to wait longer, only reason being I had to be done and pick up hub by five o’clock, forty minutes away when he got off from work, and it was past 3:00 already.

Dr. Lee got right down to business.  He spread my paperwork out on the treatment table and we spent quite an amount of time going through it and discussing my BBT charts, what possible reason the IVFs failed, and my hub and I’s medical background and test results, and then finally went onto the exam and diagnosis.  He did the pulse thing and the tongue color thing and I decided I had enough time for a session of acupuncture, so he proceeded to stick me with the needles and even hooked up an electrode thingy on the ones on my abdomen.  Heating lamps went over that area as well, and also over my feet.

All in all, the final bill was steep, but I felt I got my money’s worth.  I never felt rushed by either the doctor, or Carol.  He even excused himself to go and set up another patient so he could give me more time with the consult, which I didn’t mind at all.  He was back in a flash.  Oh and the best part of it all, when I asked him about exercise, he said the less the better.  Lazy is good, ladies.  And here’s my favorite quote from him, “Be dumb and lazy, you’ll get pregnant.”  Love it.

So I’m set up for the next two weekends so far.  They have a deal where you can pay for three treatments at a discount, but it has to be in cash, so I’m out of luck there.  I don’t have that kind of money floating around.  At doctor’s request, I have modified my diet and am keeping my feet warm at all times, which completely sucks ass since I hate, hate, hate shoes.  I was, am, and forever will be a flip flop girl who prefers to feel either the cool floor or sand between her toes.  That part took a while for me to digest, more so than the diet restrictions and requirements.  I’m still having a hard time with it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  If I were younger, I would seriously take a break from all this until the winter, when I always wear socks and slippers at home anyway.  In the summer though, where I live, it usually hovers around 100-degrees.  Try wearing sticky, icky socks in that kind of weather.  That lasted only a day, no surprise.  I instead decided I could tolerate a blanket around my feet when I’m working at the computer, and then closed-toed house slippers for when I have to walk around.  So I can honestly say that I do keep my feet warm now at all times.  Yay, me.

This new diet thing is another story I’ll leave for another day.



  1. Hi there. I just stumbled upon your blog, great site! I’m glad you found an acupuncturist you like and it sounds like you’re already seeing some results. I see that you’re in LA (so am I) and just wanted to pass on info for an acupuncturist I LOVE in the Culver City area. I have referred several people to her and they all got pregnant (three of them actually told me on the same day, thanks a lot), so I know she has good luck with people in case you’re ever in the market to try something/someone else (she’s also pretty affordable). Her name is Gilli Soooo….she hasn’t gotten me pregnant, but I’m a hot mess (TTC for 3 yrs starting at age 30, have DOR, one failed IVF, two failed IUIs, one failed IVF with my younger sister’s eggs, and currently am in my 2ww for our last FET. Also, we’re completely broke now, obviously. LIke I said, a HOT MESS). But Gilli is great and has great success (and does not pay me to advertise for her ;). Good luck with your journey!

    • Thanks for passing along the info about your acupuncturist. She sounds promising. And we’re all a hot mess, aren’t we. Ha. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your FET. “Just relax.” :) Thanks and good luck on your journey as well. Even though you’re broke now, you still have time to keep trying. Don’t give up.

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