Always Chart Your BBT!

OCTOBER 28, 2013 

Two months have passed since I started the acupuncture treatments, and I’m proud to say I have not yet missed a single week.  I’ve been dutifully following all of the doctor’s advice, and boy are the changes prominent.  My periods used to start off with a day or half a day of spotting, then a medium flow followed by light flow, then more spotting.  Now, I get no spotting and start right off the bat with a full flow, which I would label as being on the heavy side.  So now it’s heavy flow on CD1 followed by medium, then light, then spotting.  And the best part – I have almost zero PMS symptoms.  I had asked the doc last session whether PMS is a sign of imbalance but he said minor symptoms are perfectly normal, while it’s the severe ones that are not.  About one week before I’m scheduled for AF, I used to get headaches, tender/swollen boobs, and get a little crabby.  Now I don’t get any of those, for two months in a row now.  And cramps are so mild, it’s just a minor discomfort for a few hours.  Before, I had to take painkillers because they were so severe.

Perhaps the most notable improvement was how my EWCM showed up on CD14, one day before I ovulated.  This is the first time ever (since I started keeping track) that my EWCM has even come close to the day I ovulate (usually CD14-CD15).  In the past, it had always come somewhere between CD9-CD12.  I asked doctors why my mucus was days away from my ovulation day and was always told that it was “ok”, and I always wondered how this could be “ok” if I don’t produce it close to the day that I ovulate.  This past cycle, not only did I get the EW the day before, I got it for 3 days in a row.  Unheard of before.  My EWCM usually lasted 1 or 2 days at the most, never 3.

I’ve also been keeping my feet warm, and have nixed caffeine, tea, coffee, spicy foods, beef, lamb, dairy, and cold drinks/foods completely, as instructed.  Doc also wanted me to have celery, carrots, cucumbers, and orange (not yellow) sweet potatoes as much as possible.  I came down with a routine that’s been pretty quick and easy to maintain and got used to it pretty quickly.  Knowing I couldn’t dare eat raw carrots and celery – two of my most hated foods – daily, I asked if it would be ok to juice them, to which he replied that I should blend them instead.  So I drink my celery and carrots daily and I try to eat one whole sweet potato every other day and on those alternate days, I squeak by with about half a bag of sweet potato chips I get from Sprouts.  Be careful though and read the ingredients on the bag – some will say “Sweet Potato Chips” but be made entirely of corn and be sprinkled with sweet potato powder.  Get the ones that list the sweet potato as the first ingredient.  To substitute for dairy, I get almond, coconut, or soy “yogurt”, and coconut, soy, or almond “milk”.  Doc said coconut is the best of the three, as it will help raise my LDL.

As for the charts, the pattern from the past two cycles haven’t been ideal, I found out.  It had been years since I last charted and I’d known in the back of my mind that it’s something I should have never stopped doing, but frustration just made me blow it off.  I now realize how important it is to continue charting not because it will tell you when you ovulated, but it will hint at what could be going wrong within your lady bits.  According to the Dr., the temps during my follicular phase have been too high.  I’ve always hovered around 97.5-97.8 in the past, but ideally, we should be around 97.2-97.4.  This has been the major issue with my cycles so far.  I’ve been taking herbs to try and cool down my internal heat, but since it hasn’t been working at the current dosage, I was instructed to increase the dosage.  Even today, at CD 2, I am still at 97.9.  And at CD 1, we should be under the baseline, but I was still at 98.2.  So today, I will start taking more of the herbs and hopefully my cycles will stop being so erratic and all over the place and I’ll soon be a little more “in balance” for my third and final egg retrieval.  If I had known I was this out of whack, I would have done something to balance me out first before going in for those two rounds of IVF.  It’s a no-brainer really, and I kick myself because I should have known better.  Ladies, ALWAYS CHART.

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  1. I’ve been slacking too. I need to start charting again!

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