Follie Check CD 8

MAY 27, 2013

This time I was called back on CD8 instead of CD7 like last month.  There are reasons behind this, I know, but again, I like that the plan has so far differed, based on the ultrasound findings and blood test results.  Ultrasound showed 5 follies on the right and 4 on the left.  I think the biggest was 11mm and the rest, trailing down to 6mm.  Progress Nurse called a couple of hours later and told me to stay on Clomid and to come back on CD11.


  1. I am so glad to find your blog! I am open with our infertility so that others can know and learn. Husband had to give me my first at home HCG shot last night in prep for IUI #4. The last one before we move to Italy. Our next step would be IVF but as we found last night that I just don’t think we can go though all the shots, I had a full blown panic attack with that one. Thank you for telling about natural IVF it gives me something more to look into!

    • Thanks, Haley. The anxiety leading up to my very first Follistim injection was worse than the actual shot itself. I was thinking of all the life-threatening side effects and the pain from the needle… But it turned out to be a breeze. It didn’t hurt at all and, luckily, I didn’t get any side effects other than a few headaches and some mood swings. In Natural Cycle IVF, usually no medication is used, but if your bloodwork and ultrasounds reveal something that’s “off”, your RE may (or may not) prescribe something. It might even be something oral like Clomid, but it sure as hell wouldn’t be those ten million gut injections required with conventional IVF. Good luck in your journey and don’t ever lose hope.

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